Our Story


Brite Idea by Tower City Trading was founded in the year 2003. Interestingly our company started with no funding and zero asset base. Over the years our company has grown to employ 15 permanent staff and 20 casual staff nationally. We are mindful that our existence has implications on the families of those we employ, possibly 100 people in South Africa. Our profits are marginal as bulk of our sales revenue has been costed into the earning and benefits of our staff, however we remain self-sufficient and able to achieve most of the objectives we set ourselves for the growth of the business.

Brite Idea specializes in Educational Resources for Public Schools, Independent Schools, , Home Schooling, Parents and children with learning barriers. Over the years we have been providing quality innovative educational resources to help create a stimulating and engaging learning environment. Brite Idea continues to ensure our resources meets the evolving South African Curriculum and we continue to offer extensive ranges across all key subjects (Mathematics, Language, Life Skills , Science and Technology , Inclusive Education and Stem.


Brite Idea is a BBBEE level 1 company, that focused on the development and empowerment of its staff years before affirmative action became a business strategy. This is evident in our management team. Over the years we have advanced many black staff to positions of seniority and responsibility. Our long term goal is to offer them the opportunity to run their own franchise thus giving their families long term financial security.

BBBEE Level 1 Company 100%