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Beginning Consonant Blends is a set of a board game and match ups that introduces children to the consonants in a playful manner. Consonants are all the letters in the alphabet that are not vowels. There are 21 of them. Consonants make the most of the word sounds. In this game, consonants are blended or joined together in clusters of 2 letters at a time that makes distinct consonant sound, such as bl, cr, sh etc. Using 25 three piece self-correcting Match-ups, the child will match a blend with two corresponding pictures beginning with that blend. Similarly, children can use the play board with 30 blend play cards to race and reach the finish space by naming maximum words beginning with consonants blends. Thus, by playing the game children will be able to read hundreds of new words easily and accurately.

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Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 29 × 24 × 5 cm