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Learning is Fun by Creative’s is an introduction to colours, shapes and basic numbers with the help of 42 cards. In colour match-ups, each set of 2 cards of object has the same colours and the child is required to match these cards by identifying the objects of same colour. In shape match-ups each set of 2 cards; one with a shape and another with a corresponding object of that shape and the child here identifies the shape and matches it with the object of that shape. Similarly, in number match-ups each set of 2 cards having fingers showing a number and another having equal number of object/objects drawn on it, where the child first count the fingers to identify the number and then recognize the card having equal number of objects drawn on it and counts and matches both of them. This way the child learns about basic colours, shapes and numbers from 1 to 10 while practicing their observation skills and improving problem solving skills.

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